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Michel Comte

Retratos, de Michel Comte
El “nómada de la fotografía”, uno de los mejores retratistas contemporáneos
Hasta el 14 de mayo en La Térmica

Isabel Coixet

Isabel Coixet
Hasta el 30 de junio de 2017

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La Térmica Creators 2017: artist in residence.

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La Térmica launches the call for the third edition of the programme Creators 2017. So far, 18 artists have already taken part on this project that started in 2013, and has closed every edition, both in 2014, 2015, and 2016 with group shows exhibiting the artistic works of the Creatores every different year.

The artists that have taken part in this programme so far are Dadi Dreucol, Fernando Bayona, Florencia Rojas, Nekane Manrique, Omar Victor Diop, Miguel Gómez Losada, Franciso Javier Valverde, Marta Beltrán, Emmanuel Lafont, Katharina Fitz, José Luis Valverde, Carmen González Castro, Gala Knörr, Jean Philippe Illanes, laconjunciónY, Mamen Morillas, Ana Barriga and Efrén Calderón.


The new call for Creators 2017 will be available from july the 25th until the november the 30st 2016.

This support programme to the contemporary creation seeks to boost the creators’ artistic and professional development that requires either spaces for their own projects or financial, technical and training support.

La Térmica promotes this open program to international and national creators, linked to any artistic discipline.

The maximum period for the projects development and the use of the facilities will be 120 days from February to the beginning of May 2016, with no possibility of extension.

The creators in residence will provide a final report of their projects to La Térmica Selection Committee.

1. Residence

La Térmica offers different residence spaces and support in order to develop their creative process. It will consist of:

  • Accommodation, workspaces and individual rooms.
  • Financial support: 2400 euros per creator to production costs.
  • The artists will pay the travel expenses, documentation and valid health insurance/accident insurance during their stay.
  • Maintenance costs will be borne by La Térmica.

Artists will have to show the progress of their work to the public, and stablish a direct contact thorugh the Studios’ opening that will take place in different dates throughout the residency.

2. Facilities

La Térmica creation center will put at the creators’ disposal different spaces for the artistic innovation, as well as shared zones for work and formation.

These spaces consisted of:

  • Individual workshop.
  • Single room, shared room options availability if they are a group, maximum 2 people (double room).
  • Access and use of the common facilities, collective work spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, office, toilet facilities and rest areas.
  • Workroom and shared technical equipment.
  • Access to the rest of La Térmica facilities.

The concession and nature of the workspaces may vary depending on the project to carry out.


The creators must display their work in public and establish a direct contact with them in the opening up of studies, which will take place on specific dates during their period of residence.

3. Calls

The call will be launched in La Térmica website during July 25th and will remain open until 30th November 2016.

The candidates that will be submitted to the programme La Térmica CREATORS are: natural persons (either individual or collective 2 people as maximum) or legal persons over 18 years old, coming from the artistic creation atmosphere irrespective of their nationality and residence place. Individual or collective candidates should have training and a career related to the creation and could submit projects related to any artistic discipline.

Creators should provide:

  • CV or artistic dossier with a selection of images of their work already performed.
  • A document including the project for submission, with a development planning including details of its conceptualization and exectution.

4. Workshops of Creation

These are annual workshops, conceived to attract creators’ artistic projects from all over the world to La Térmica facilities in Malaga.

These revolves around three fundamental facets:

  • These workshops have been conceived to showcase the projects that the creators in residence will develop during the 120 days residing at the facilities and create expressly for his exhibition in every edition.
  • All the artistic disciplines will be part of it.

La Térmica will be in charge of the coordination, responsible for the conception, development and image of the Workshops.

Artists input:

  • The artist will arrange both traveling tto La Térmica and returning home
  • The artist must develop the project by which was selected during the period of the residency.
  • The artist selected commit themselves to cooperate with La Térmica in terms of comunication involving the projects and the programme.



Read La Térmica Creations Terms and Conditions here.


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Read La Térmica Creators Terms and Conditions    |    Register at La Térmica Creators